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Glad to inform you that II edition of my book 'Hindi Made Easy' has been self-published (September 2016) through my Organization, 'Institute of Hindi Learning and Indian Cooking;. The overwhelming positive response not only from India but also from overseas to the first edition has been beyond my expectations

The first edition was released in March 2014. In the last 18 months or so we have sold over 1000 copies across several channels online and offline. The book was launched by the Governor of Rajasthan and has seen tremendous success over the last few months.

Several visitors, tourists, volunteers and students travelling to India have benefitted from the book and have made there stay in India more meaningful and enjoyable. It provides ample conversational expressions and simplifies Hindi grammar for both beginner and advanced learners.

With India taking a significant leap globally this book provides a very simple way of addressing the needs of global visitors to India and improve their ability to interact with the masses!

We welcome you to the Pink city of Jaipur to enhance your knowledge of Hindi language. We provide the opportunity to learn the world's third most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese and English. More than 800 million people all over the world speak it. Hindi is the official language of India, the country with the second largest population in the world.We offer variety of different courses for Hindi learners traveling to India or exploring Indian culture and tradition, from beginner to advance level. Our mission is to become a highly trusted Hindi Language teaching institute, and to make a deep and lasting impact on our learners..

  • "An Institute of Hindi Learning & Indian Cooking has published a book "HINDI Made Easy" written by Subhadra Kothari. The book aims to provide basic knowledge on various aspects of spoken and written Hindi for English speaking international travelers, volunteers, visitors and students."

After 4 weeks of classes, travelling in India was straightforward with my new Hindi aptitude. It has been a memorable experience very good teaching, excellent teacher and very warm and friendly environment. The student's desires and wishes are understood and the curriculum is customized to accomplish their aspirations.
Espen, Norway
August 2009

Now I am confident to talk to people in various real life situations. My language skills improved. The use of Roman transliteration for Hindi learning was helpful indeed; moreover user friendly resource has made the subject motivating and enjoyable to learn. I will surely suggest to someone I know, looking for Hindi lessons.
Aguadilla, Argentina
August 2009

The experience I got from the Hindi Learning course was significantly enhanced by the one-on-one set-up. Was permitted to progress at my own pace, as per the need, expectation and my progress. I hope I will have an opportunity to come back and have a further advanced conversation classes, on top would like to choose a carrier related to Hindi.
Susan, Germany
November 2009

I took two day Hindi lessons to help learn certain phrases and words. The lessons were of great help and I also really enjoyed learning about Indian culture from Mrs. Subhadra Kothari’.
Mlchael Relner, Chicago USA,
September 2011

The Hindi lessons really helped us with navigating around Jaipur especially with the auto rickshaw drivers. It also helped with ordering food and shopping in the Pink city Jaipur.
Kathleen Roberts, USA,
September 2011

My situation of limited time did not allow me to go far in learning but I could learn and practice enough. I would certainty enjoy and profit from a longer program. I would hesitantly advice anyone interested in learning Hindi, to take part in the study here.
Harold Fish, USA

The experience I got from the course was greatly enhanced by the one on one format. I was allowed to progress at my own pace and could work with an excellent instructor ‘Subhadra Kothari', whose subject knowledge and power of explanation is excellent. I was so impressed with teaching method that I visited India Jaipur to improve my conversational and grammatical skills in Hindi.
Stefen Stefluk, USA
November 2010 and 2011

The basic course of Hindi learning is quite effective to understand the day today conversational expressions! Yes indeed, in a very short period of my stay in India Jaipur learning Hindi helped me to know about Indian culture and customs. 'Subhadra Kothari is incredibly nice. She is a Great teacher'
Raquel Madera, USA
February 2013

I had been coming to India almost every year since 2009 for volunteering. This time I decided to first learn Hindi, so that I become more comfortable to communicate effectively. After taking lessons in Hindi here in Jaipur, I was confident enough to speak and write in Hindi. My communicative skills enhanced due to my hard work and dedication. While teaching children English, I could translate and explain a story in Hindi. A great achievement!!!
Sara Macmurry, Ireland
March 2012

I am doing Anthropology in German University and taking Hindi lessons as well. But here in a week's time took few lessons with Subhadra Kothari and all my queries were solved. I could learn a lot in this short period. She is a fantastic teacher. Hopefully I will come next year again to learn more advanced Hindi
Magdalena, Germany
March 2013

I am a Professional Tourist Guide, an International Event Planner and a Public Speaker, visited Jaipur in March 2013, to learn and speak Hindi. I am a multi linguistic - speaks several languages - English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Greek and Egyptian Arabic and can understand several others! I am extremely passionate about learning Hindi and in my blog I write: ‘One thing I want to do before I die………….learn to speak Hindi’ I belong to the beautiful city of Montreal and being of Indian origin (Bengali) it was not difficult for me to understand Hindi, as Bengali and Hindi have similarities due to their Sanskrit origin. I am planning to visit Jaipur again to practice, listen and hear Hindi speaking local natives.
Ruby Roy, Montreal - Canada
March 2013

I enjoyed learning Hindi reading and writing, during my stay in Jaipur. The structured worksheets and exercises helped me to learn step-by-step Hindi phonetics and grammar. I had a great experience of volunteering for empowering adolescent girls and women in slums of Jaipur, where I could also communicate in Hindi with native speakers.
Teddy Corwin, USA
October 2012

Myself, Andre and my wife Elisabeth got hold of the book 'HINDI Made Easy' from Universal Books, MI Road, Jaipur. I had been learning Hindi online since last few years. But I wanted to have tips on correct pronunciation and improve on conversational aspects in situations of daily life and to understand India's diversity, culture and its people. After taking 2 week's lessons in the month of January 2015 we could increased some vocabulary in Hindi, felt little confident to move around in Indian community and could understand Indian lifestyle through learning Hindi language.

Before coming to this Institute I had already been attending a few Hindi classes in Germany. Nevertheless the lessons at Jaipur de>initely helped me to improve my Hindi skills in all areas. I really feel that I have learnt more about Indian history, culture and lifestyles through learning the language. Though I could spare very little time in India but I could broaden my understanding regarding how Hindi has become ‘Hinglish’ and know the PersioArabic influence is affecting colloquial Hindi. My purpose for learning Hindi is to be able to converse with my Indian friends in their mother tongue or a language they know well. In my opinion the book ‘HINDI Made Easy’ is very handy guide for students, tourists, and volunteers who visit India and who need an introduction to that language.
Gunter Hesse, Germany
April, 2015

Indian kitchen Craft offered me crash course in all Indian cuisines specially- Rajasthani, North Indian, South Indian and other foods like Punjabi etc. I could learn step-by-step cooking methods, with great chef Subhadra Kothari. The best part of it was - All cooking was ‘hands on’ and only the freshest quality ingredients were used. I loved to taste and eat what was prepared every day. I took 20 days lessons and skilled all popular varieties of culinary India! Such a Great and fun experience!!!
Erica Monteiro Diogo, Brazil
December 2011

The take away ‘Cook Book’ is excellent, which I did not expect. And the best part was at the end ----- when we eat what we made!!! Though I had only two day’s cooking lessons, as the same time I was learning Hindi and did volunteering in Jaipur, but I enjoyed my lessons knowing cooking tips and with some customized lessons as well.
Teddy Corwin USA
June 2013

After completing my volunteering schedule in India, I had four days cooking lessons in Institute of Indian cooking, here in Jaipur. Subhadra Kothari was incredibly nice, good time spent teaching now and then letting me do the chapati rolling, frying Veg Pakoras, making gravies, Indian sweets, paneer and so on…I was so impressed with everything about this experience. I totally recommend this.
Rebecca Joss Switzerland
May 2013

We the group of 17 volunteers attended a very short duration course of ‘Dal and Roti’ making class in Jaipur. We love it!! It was very comprehensive, informative, ‘hand on’ and lots of fun. I am looking forward to try out my new culinary skills at home. To become super cook and learn how to make tasty and delicious dishes, we had lots of tips, live demonstrations, and accurate recipes. A group of seventeen persons from California, USA, learned creative cooking in August 2013. We all had a Great and fun experience!
A Group of 17 volunteers California, USA
August 2013

Subhadra’s cooking classes have given me the inspiration to cook the food that I will enjoy all my life. In a week’s time, I had customized cooking lessons, where I learnt the delicacies of Indian food and spices. I thoroughly enjoyed the innovative dishes and several tips for healthy recipes, always followed by delicious lunch. Great!
Laura Abecasis Ireland
September 2013

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